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Convert any Microsoft Project Schedule to IPMDAR Format 6 (JSON)

This version supports IPMDAR, the JSON-based second generation of the IPMR format. If you require our first generation (UN/CEFACT XML-based) exporter, visit our Exporter for UN/CEFACT XML product page.

Steelray Project Exporter for IPMDAR is an add-in to Microsoft Project which exports Microsoft Project schedules to the IPMDAR SPD (Schedule Performance Dataset). The Integrated Program Management Data and Analysis Report (IPMDAR) is a contractually required report, prepared by the contractor, containing performance information derived from the internal Earned Value Management System. The IPMDAR provides status of the contract's cost and schedule performance (DI-MGMT-81861). The IPMDAR has replaced the Contract Performance Reports (DI-MGMT-81466) and the IPMR (Integrated Program management Report).

Fully Compliant
Fully Compliant

Steelray Project Exporter is maintained to be compliant with the latest version of the IPMDAR File Format Specification.

Fast Performance
Fast Performance

Project Exporter uses Steelray Project Add-In, Steelray's speedy data extractor engine for Microsoft Project. On large schedules, Exporter will save you a great deal of time.

Quality Checks
Quality Checks

Exporter performs a number of data quality checks as it exports. It fixes many simple things (e.g. extra spaces)that the specification is picky about.

One-Click Filters
One-Click Filters

Using technology from Steelray Project Analyzer, Exporter provides one-click filters to jump to tasks where issues were found.

More Customizations
More Customizations

Exporter provides a number of additional customizations that our first-generation product did not, including the ability to use custom fields for mapping.

Supported by Steelray
Supported by Steelray

Project Exporter is backed by our world-class Atlanta-based support team. Help is one phone call or email away.

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Note: Project 2013 or later is required, and for large schedule files, use the 64-bit version of Project.

Version 2022.4.12
  • Bug fix: Picking Baseline Work as the field mapping for resource assignment Budget at Completion (Hrs.) will no longer cause the export to fail when there are resource assignments with a Type of Material or Cost.
Version 2022.1.10
  • Bug fix: the PhysicalPercentComplete and CalculatedPercentComplete task fields are now exported as fractional decimals, in accordance with the DEI
  • Feature: the Baseline Cost field can now be selected as the source of the Budget at Completion ($) resource assignment field mapping
  • Feature: the Baseline Work field can now be selected as the source of the Budget at Completion (Hrs.) resource assignment field mapping
  • Feature: the Element of Cost resource field now supports custom text field mapping, including value mapping
  • Change: value maps will no longer apply for fields that are marked "(not exported)"
Version 2020.4.9
  • Major release, updated for the IPMDAR March 2020 DID.
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