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Convert any Microsoft Project Schedule to IPMR Format 6 (UN/CEFACT XML)

Steelray Project Exporter for UN/CEFACT XML is a free add-in to Microsoft Project which exports Microsoft Project schedules to IPMR Format 6 -- the IMS (Integrated Master Schedule). The Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) is a contractually required report, prepared by the contractor, containing performance information derived from the internal Earned Value Management System. The IPMR provides status of the contract's cost and schedule performance (DI-MGMT-81861). The IPMR is being phased in to replace the Contract Performance Reports (DI-MGMT-81466) and the Integrated Master Schedule (DI-MGMT-81650).

Standard Format
Standard Format

Export to Format 6 of the UN/CEFACT XML standard format. This format is used in the IPMR and is required by ADA (formerly AAP, PARCA).


Custom mapping allows you flexibility in where you store required data. Customizations are remembered for future use

Compatible with Multiple Platforms

Works with Microsoft Project 2010 and later, including Project Server.


Exporter is free to use.

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