Working From Home

In an organization where you are valued based on your results, working from home vs. the office shouldn’t be a big issue. With webcams, Slack, online meeting software, cloud storage, etc., the drawbacks are minimal. Some managers worry about how their remote employees are spending their time. What if they spend half their day binge-watching… Continue reading Working From Home

What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson?

But the grand visions of the past are gone. Today, instead of being a shorthand for technological prowess, Watson stands out as a sobering example of the pitfalls of technological hype and hubris around AI.” Article: What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson? The above article on how Watson failed to deliver on its promise of… Continue reading What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson?

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While Supplies Last

March deal: buy ONE license for the price of TWO and receive a SECOND license ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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CPM DC Chapter Meeting

Come join us at the CPM Washington DC chapter meeting tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021). From 5-6pm, Steelray will show how you can use our software tools to save money and time when analyzing your project schedules. From 6-7pm, join Jason Kinder of Pinnacle Management as he moderates a lively discussion with project management practice… Continue reading CPM DC Chapter Meeting

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Project Viewer: 6.3.0

Steelray Project Viewer, version 6.3.0, is now available for Windows. The only significant change is that the installer has a new code signing certificate to make Microsoft Defender SmartScreen happier. If you want the behind-the-scenes reason for the new certificate, see this article.

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Primavera P6 Users

We’re working on a couple of new products for you! If you’re interested in finding out more, send a quick email to us