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  • Steelray Statement on install4jshell

    Our products, including the open-source and third-party packages used by our products, do not use (and have not used) the Apache log4j framework; they are not impacted by the log4jshell vulnerability.

  • Project Viewer: 6.3.0

    Steelray Project Viewer, version 6.3.0, is now available for Windows. The only significant change is that the installer has a new code signing certificate to make Microsoft Defender SmartScreen happier. If you want the behind-the-scenes reason for the new certificate, see this article.

  • A Must Have Software Utility

    I’m kind of obsessed with productivity tools, and they generally fall into one of two categories: the ones everyone should use and the rest. It’s our company mission to make must-have tools (viewers, analyzers, exporters) for people who are writing, updating or reviewing project schedules.  We live in a niche; we design and deliver productivity software products for […]

  • IPMW 2018 Tools Talk

    We are just a few days out from the start of the Integrated Program Management Workshop 2018 in Washington D.C! We are so excited to exhibit our products and demonstrate how they can improve your productivity. We will present our Tools Talk on Tuesday, November 13th from 1:30-2:15 pm in Room 307, so if you’re attending, […]

  • Viewer Now Sold by Subscription

    As of October 1st, 2018, we no longer sell “full” and “maintenance” licenses to our products. We only sell subscriptions. Prior to October 1st, 2018, we sold our viewer as a perpetual license. On October 1st, 2018, we switched to a subscription model, which means that all new sales are sold as subscriptions. For Perpetual License […]