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  • New Videos for Delay Analyzer

    We’ve had a few new version releases of Delay Analyzer. Version 0.16 was big enough that we did a “what’s new” video for that release: We also made a video showing how you can use Delay Analyzer to quickly solve mysteries around how and why the finish date moved: Happy watching!

  • Cheat Sheet for Delay Analyzer

    Steelray Delay Analyzer has a number of mouse and keyboard shortcuts that can save you quite a bit of time. Even if you only use Delay Analyzer infrequently, it’s well worth the time it takes to learn these shortcuts. To make the process easier, we’ve developed a cheat sheet which you can download here.

  • Dawn of the 3D Gantt Chart

    My company has been in R&D mode for several years now, and one area of focus has been to try to reinvent and improve the Gantt Chart.  Gantt charts use the Y-axis to display the WBS and the X-axis to show the timeline.  The data date (or status date) is rendered as a vertical line […]

  • Steelray Delay Analyzer 0.14

    There’s a new version of our Delay Analyzer — version 0.14. You can read about it below, but we highly recommend you watch this 8-minute video which walks you through all of the new features. For those of you who don’t like watching videos (what?), here’s a summary of all of the changes: Grid pane […]

  • Introducing . . . Analyzer for P6

    Yesterday (February 9, 2022), we released a new software product: Steelray Analyzer for P6. In a nutshell, Analyzer for P6 (AP6) is a streamlined schedule quality and performance analysis tool that is designed from scratch to work with Primavera P6 XER files. You use it to find potential issues with your schedule, both from a […]

  • Introducing: Monthly Subscriptions

    Some of you have noticed that we added a new option for purchasing our Project Analyzer product: monthly subscriptions. We believe that this will be a better option for those of you who have been purchasing an annual subscription to use on schedules where your time on the project is measured in months, not years. […]

  • Steelray Statement on install4jshell

    Our products, including the open-source and third-party packages used by our products, do not use (and have not used) the Apache log4j framework; they are not impacted by the log4jshell vulnerability.

  • Our COVID-19 Relief Policy

  • New Video: How the Critical Path is Calculated

  • New August Analyzer Release

    We’re excited to announce a new version of Analyzer: 2019.08.37 (or the August version). There are a few excellent improvements, so we highly recommend upgrading. Easier Report Output FormatsSome of our users who have been running Analyzer for years have been unaware that you can create scorecards directly in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and HTML (Web). […]