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  • Working From Home

    In an organization where you are valued based on your results, working from home vs. the office shouldn’t be a big issue. With webcams, Slack, online meeting software, cloud storage, etc., the drawbacks are minimal. Some managers worry about how their remote employees are spending their time. What if they spend half their day binge-watching […]

  • Keep the Deliverable in Mind

    I had just finished running a quick test on a new Analyzer release. We had released a new version recently, and during the installation, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen (part of Windows) did not love our new installer. It warned you that the setup program wasn’t to be fully trusted. Yikes. I won’t go into the details, […]

  • New Video: Healthy Conflict in Projects, Part 2

  • Our COVID-19 Relief Policy

  • New Video: Healthy Conflict in Projects

  • Our 20th Birthday

    Our 20th Birthday
  • Two New Year’s Resolutions

    Today is January 2, the first workday where we get to practice our New Year’s resolutions.  Did you make any?  For Steelray, New Year’s resolutions take the form of annual objectives.  This year, we’ve made two big resolutions. First, we resolve that we’re going to do a much better job of communicating with you.  That […]

  • STEM vs. “Soft Skills”

    Modern education places a heavy emphasis on STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math. However, a project at Google set out to determine the value of so-called “soft skills” in their workplace. Google initially set out to hire computer science students with top grades from the best science colleges upon its conception in 1998. But in […]

  • A 4-Day Work Week?

    Happy Friday everyone! Today, we’re discussing human productivity and the efficiency of an experimental four-day work week. Earlier this year, a firm in New Zealand ran an experiment where it let its employees work four days a week while being paid for five. Employees chose which day of the week to take off, and the […]

  • How To Have Better Conversations

    At Steelray, every employee attends a seminar called “Fierce Conversations,” taught by Larry Hart and based on the book by Susan Scott. We hold all these lessons to heart and firmly believe that effective communication is a pillar to great teamwork, which in turn creates excellent products, and is a baseline for our really cool […]