What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson?

But the grand visions of the past are gone. Today, instead of being a shorthand for technological prowess, Watson stands out as a sobering example of the pitfalls of technological hype and hubris around AI.”

Article: What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson?

The above article on how Watson failed to deliver on its promise of a nirvana-like future powered by modern AI reminds me of a software marketing truth: the best software marketing strategy is often this simple: make the software awesome.

IBM Marketing got ahead of their technology and overpromised in two areas: the breadth of possible applications and the depth of the brainpower.

The market eventually sorts things out, of course, and overblown marketing claims come home to roost. When your software is awesome, your customers will tell you so and tell you why. The marketing job should be easy.

Unlike Watson, the praise for the solution should come from the customer, not the Marketing organization.

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