Steelray Delay Analyzer 0.14

There’s a new version of our Delay Analyzer — version 0.14. You can read about it below, but we highly recommend you watch this 8-minute video which walks you through all of the new features.

For those of you who don’t like watching videos (what?), here’s a summary of all of the changes:

  • Grid pane added to the Gantt view (currently only showing activity code and name)
  • Rows added to Gantt view for WBS entries
  • WBS elements can be expanded/collapsed by using the + and – buttons next to their names
  • Many colors and styles in the Gantt view have been changed; in particular, a critical activity is now rendered as a black bar
  • Near-critical activities are now distinguishable in the Gantt view; they are rendered as a half-black, half-green bar
  • The addition and removal of WBS elements are now recorded and shown under their own category of schedule edit in the Timeline panel
  • Activity and WBS element rows in the Gantt are grayed out when the corresponding activity or WBS element does not exist at that point in the timeline
  • Attempting to find an activity in the Gantt when that activity does not exist at that point in the timeline will now scroll to the proper row, centered about the data date
  • The Gantt now contains multiple rows for each activity: one for each WBS element that the activity belongs to during the course of the project. The row that’s “active” at a particular point in the timeline is rendered normally, while the inactive rows are rendered semi-transparently.
  • The data date can now be incremented/decremented by one day using buttons next to the data date display at the bottom of the screen, or using the left/right arrow keys. The unit of increment/decrement can be changed to hours by holding down the control key.

If you’re interested in joining the early access program, visit the Delay Analyzer page on our website and request access by filling out the form on that page.