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  • Give Up the Hierarchy

    Think back to the days before software . . . We stored paper documents in folders and organized the folders in drawers and the drawers in filing cabinets.   We kept our contacts information in a Rolodex or an address book, organized alphabetically. When we needed some information from a book, we’d go to the library […]

  • Introducing: Monthly Subscriptions

    Some of you have noticed that we added a new option for purchasing our Project Analyzer product: monthly subscriptions. We believe that this will be a better option for those of you who have been purchasing an annual subscription to use on schedules where your time on the project is measured in months, not years. […]

  • Steelray Statement on install4jshell

    Our products, including the open-source and third-party packages used by our products, do not use (and have not used) the Apache log4j framework; they are not impacted by the log4jshell vulnerability.

  • Working From Home

    In an organization where you are valued based on your results, working from home vs. the office shouldn’t be a big issue. With webcams, Slack, online meeting software, cloud storage, etc., the drawbacks are minimal. Some managers worry about how their remote employees are spending their time. What if they spend half their day binge-watching […]

  • Should You Ask a Vendor About Competitors?

    We were giving a demo the other day of two new products we’re working on, and near the end, one of the people on the call posed this question; how do we compare to [Competing Product X]? It’s a question I am asked from time to time, but one that makes me a little uncomfortable. […]

  • IPMW Demo Tomorrow

    IPMW attendees: a quick reminder that we’ll be having a major show and tell tomorrow at 1:15 Eastern — two new products. Add that session now to your schedule!

  • Premier News About IPMW 2020

    Steelray is proud to announce that we are a Premier Sponsor at this year’s IPMW Virtual, a workshop for integrated program management. January 19-21 & Jan 25-27, 2021. #cpm #ipmw2020

  • New Video: Healthy Conflict in Projects, Part 2

  • Our COVID-19 Relief Policy

  • New Video: Healthy Conflict in Projects