Jobs at Steelray

Marketing Specialist

Apply by sending your resume to jobs@steelray.com

We are seeking a marketing specialist who will be all things Marketing at Steelray. You will help us market effectively with branding, list and campaign management, social media, marketing events, analytics, etc.


  • BS/BA in Marketing or a related field of study
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Organized, detail-oriented

Apply Only If

  • You are based in Atlanta
  • You're able to work in our office (not remotely)

Job Description

  • Email contact list management
  • Plan and execute outbound marketing campaigns
  • Manage social media accounts and marketing
  • Manage marketing functions of company website and blog
  • Coordinate conference and trade show activities, including logistics, booth, and collateral
  • Manage speaking engagements
  • Manage paid and organic search
  • Optimize marketing efforts via analytics, e.g. Google Analytics

Who We Are

At Steelray, we build great software, but we also put a lot of energy and focus on building a great software company. We care a lot about our culture, which is more about how we treat each other than it is about foosball tables. Like a lot of companies, we have core values, but we take it a step further and translate those into core behaviors. Examples include:

  • being relentless about continuous learning and improvement
  • striving to make our work easy to understand
  • having the courage to allow people to see your imperfections

Our vision is to build a company where we work on cool software products, without much stress, with profits that allow us to grow in whatever direction we choose. A company people love working at, where leaving would seem crazy. And we've come pretty close.


What We do


It's hard to develop a new software product in a new genre and have it succeed. We've been fortunate enough to do it twice. We built the world's first viewer for Microsoft Project files. It helps our customers see their project schedules. We followed that up with the world's first commercial tool for analyzing and improving project schedules. We have thousands of customers across the globe, including most of the Fortune 500 and every major aerospace contractor.


We listen to and care a lot about our customers, and we've accumulated happy customers who care just as much about us.