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Schedule Quality Analysis for Primavera P6

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High quality schedules lead to a true critical path

Analyzer for P6 Uncovers Schedule Quality Issues in Seconds

Is your schedule reliable? Steelray Analyzer for P6 (AP6) is a software application that performs a schedule health and performance analysis in seconds on two or more updates of the same Primavera P6 schedule. With Analyzer for P6, you can evaluate your project schedule for quality and performance in minutes and produce understandable and actionable results. Schedules can be analyzed against scheduling best practices as well as schedule checks published by DCMA, the (US Department of) Defense Contract Management Agency.

Simple Scorecard
Simple Scorecard

Our scorecard shows you the results of each check at a glance, using easy to read green, yellow, and red indicators. Our innovative score strip shows you a great deal of information in a compact space. Each scale is completely customizable.

Trend Lines
Trend Lines

Analyzer for P6 was built from the ground up to show schedule quality results over time. Sparkline charts show scores plotted over time in one simple, compact chart. Hover over the chart to see individual scores for each schedule update.

DCMA Metrics
DCMA Metrics

The DCMA DECM Metrics and the DCMA 14 Point assessment are a series of schedule health checks from the Defense Contract Management Agency that help ensure that your schedule has a trustworthy critical path. Analyzer for P6 explains the results in an easy to understand format.

Scheduling Encyclopedia
Scheduling Encyclopedia

Analyzer for P6 includes The Coach, a built-in encylopedia that dives deeper into your results, explaining the findings in simple terms. For some users, The Coach teaches them the fundamentals of schedule quality. For others, it serves as a quick reference.

Set Custom Thresholds
Customize Thresholds

In Analyzer for P6, you can customize threshold values to define the values for red, yellow, and green indicators. If your organization has defined acceptable threshold values, you'll be able to match them in Analyzer for P6.

Export to Excel
Export to Excel

Generating reports in Microsoft Excel is a breeze with Analyzer for P6. Once you are viewing a report, you can generate an Excel version with just a few clicks and share the report with project stakeholders. Reports can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into thousands of Windows applications.

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Version 1.2.3 (22-April-2022)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue when opening the Preferences menu and no projects are loaded.
  • Bug Fix: DECM metric 06A504a and 06A504b corrected to ignore time of day when comparing dates.
Version 1.2.2 (09-March-2022)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with schedule names containing tabs and/or double quotes.
Version 1.2.1 (22-February-2022)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with relationship type corrections for FS or FF start milestone predecessors and SS or SF finish milestone predecessors. The impacted checks include Erroneous Relationship Types, DECM 06A204b Dangling Logic, DECM 06A212a FF Out of Sequence Activities, DECM 06A212a FS Out of Sequence Activities, DECM 06A212a SF Out of Sequence Activities, and DECM 06A212a SS Out of Sequence Activities.
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