Release Notes for Steelray Project Analyzer

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Project Analyzer G7

Version 7.17.4
  • Bug Fix: Criteria Manager import and export fix.
Version 7.17.3
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where EasyLicense keys were requiring activation incorrectly.
Version 7.17.2
  • Bug Fix: In some cases, saving modified criterion was throwing an error.
Version 7.17.0
  • Improvement: Upgraded to latest release of third-party libraries.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected an error when analyzing schedules that utilize the MPXJ project platform.
Version 7.16.0
  • Improvement: Upgraded to latest release of third-party libraries.
  • Bug Fix: Missing dates corrected to display "NA" in Excel Scorecard output.
Version 7.15.1
  • Updated code signing certificate for installer.
  • Bug Fix: Missing Microsoft Project filter was reporting an exception; the application will now notify the user about the missing filter.
Version 7.15.0
  • With this release, Project Analyzer supports the Microsoft Project platform only. Primavera schedule health analysis is available in our Analyzer for P6 product.
  • Improvement: Better handling of manually scheduled tasks in Longest Path report.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected issue when adding multiple projects to the application.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected issues with Global Scorecard report scoring and display.
Version 7.14.0
  • Improvement: Excel Scorecard report includes metric description on Summary tab.
  • Bug Fix: Excel Scorecard report bug fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Restored Check for Updates in Help menu.
  • Bug Fix: Reset Criteria and Reports bug fixed.
Version 7.13.0
  • Improvement: Upgraded to latest release of third-party libraries.
  • Bug Fix: Intermittent issue with Scorecard renderer when multiple outputs selected.
Version 7.12.0
  • Improvement: Improve support for schedule comparison reports.
Version 7.11.2
  • Bug Fix: DECM metric checks corrected to disregard LOE designation, unless explicitly noted in the test metric specification (as with 06A204b and 06A210a).
Version 7.11.1
  • Bug Fix: DECM metric 06A212a corrected to run on all tasks, including complete.
  • Bug Fix: DECM metric 06A504a and 06A504b corrected to ignore time of day when comparing dates.
  • Bug Fix: DECM metric 06A506b corrected to check forecast finish dates for all incomplete tasks.
Version 7.11.0
  • Primavera functionality removed from the user interface in preparation for its phase-out.
Version 7.10.1
  • Bug Fix: Corrected displayed score value for DECM check 06A504b.
Version 7.10.0
  • Bug Fix: Score Comparison Excel report links from the summary page to the detail tabs were not working.
  • Improvement: Formatted criteria scores in various reports to clearly indicate where the value is a percentage.
  • Improvement: Project Online schedules are opened with Read-Only permissions to prevent a conflict when the schedule is checked out.
Version 7.9.0
  • Improvement: Implemented support for DECM 5.0 changes.
Version 7.8.2
  • Bug Fix: Corrected issue with diagnostic reporting.
Version 7.8.1
  • Improvment: Enhanced user interface when adding a Primavera database schedule.
Version 7.8.0
  • Improvment: Implementing new Steelray framework to support monthly subscriptions.
Version 7.7.2
  • Bug Fix: Several schedule comparison report fixes for XER schedules.
Version 7.7.1
  • Bug Fix: Third-party library update caused issues with Excel report output.
Version 7.7.0
  • Improvement: Upgraded to latest release of third-party libraries.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected Excel output from the Dynamic Schedule Compare report for XER schedules.
Version 7.6.2
  • Bug Fix: Export and import of Dynamic Schedule Compare report fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Viewing matched tasks from XER files containing multiple schedules was not working. For Viewer customers, this fix requires installing version 6.4.2 or newer.
Version 7.6.1
  • Bug Fix: Printing from the Dynamic Schedule Compare report was generating an error.
  • Improvements and Fixes: Dynamic Schedule Compare report export to Excel now displays time units in hours.
Version 7.6.0
  • Removed obsolete or unused features, including:
    • Tree Map Scorecard report
    • Grouped Bar Chart report
  • Improvement: Updated dialog for adding XER schedules to a Project Set.
  • Bug Fix: Not selecting items in Dynamic Schedule Compare reports was causing an error.
  • Bug Fix: In rare cases, export of the Dynamic Schedule Compare report to Excel was causing an error.
  • Bug Fix: Viewing matched tasks from an XER schedule in Viewer was not working. For Viewer customers, this fix requires installing version 6.4.0 or newer.
Version 7.5.0
  • Removed obsolete or unused features, including:
    • Unused menu item for printing
    • Circular Chains report
    • UN/CEFACT XML support
  • Bug Fix: Status Date was not properly displayed in 14 Point Assessment reports.
Version 7.4.3
  • Bug Fix: User settings causing application to hang in some secure environments.
Version 7.4.2
  • Bug Fix: Updated code signing certificate for installer.
Version 7.4.1
  • Bug Fix: MPXJ project read error, linked to wrong assembly version reference.
Version 7.4.0
  • Improvement: Added link to video tutorials on Help menu.
  • Bug Fix: Total Tasks in XER schedules were not correctly identified for DCMA 14 Point reports.
Version 7.3.0
  • Improvement: Upgraded to latest release of third-party libraries.
  • Bug Fix: In Excel Scorecard, some results were displayed in minutes instead of days.
  • Bug Fix: On the Project Properties page for XER project sets, XER schedules were listed in red font.
Version 2020.11.55
  • Bug Fix: Coach content links were outdated and not working.
Version 2020.11.54
  • Bug Fix: DECM report unable to calculate certain metrics when no tasks have actual start or actual finish dates set.
Version 2020.11.53
  • Improvement: Upgraded to latest release of third-party libraries.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where .mpp file missing the Gantt Chart table was not exporting.
  • Improvement: Implemented support for DECM 3.6.1 changes.
Version 2020.05.51
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem with MPXJ provider and Project 2010.
  • Bug Fix: Updated add-in to correct issue with viewing matched tasks for some mpp's.
Version 2020.05.50
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem where dangling tasks could be improperly flagged in XER files.
Version 2020.04.49
  • Improvement: Updated to latest mpxj library, version 8.0.8.
  • Improvement: Added version number to Manage License Key menu.
  • Bug Fix: Updated the Baseline Vertical Schedule Integration criterion to flag all activities where Baseline Start or Baseline Finish are not set.
Version 2020.04.48
  • Improvement: Updated to latest mpxj library, version 8.0.6.
  • Improvement: Implemented support for changes in DECM 3.5 and 3.5.1.
Version 2020.01.47
  • Improvement: Upgraded to latest release of third-party libraries.
Version 2019.11.46
  • Bug Fix: Excel Scorecard output was displaying "-1" for matched tasks when the result should be N/A.
  • Bug Fix: Checkbox was disabled when adding a new Project Set.
Version 2019.11.45
  • Bug Fix: Added support for enterprise license keys.
Version 2019.10.44
  • Bug Fix: Screen maximization on multiple displays.
  • Bug Fix: Scrolling on the report settings page.
  • Improvement: Missing files are disabled from the Project listing and notification prompts user to restore or remove the schedule.
Version 2019.09.42
  • Bug Fix: Custom criterion which employ Microsoft Project filters for scoring were not correctly filtering and highlighting results from scorecard reports.
  • Bug Fix: Criterion with the grading type "No Grade" were incorrectly displaying a color gauge in the Excel Scorecard output.
  • Improvement: For better technical support, additional logging for Project Add-In calls.
Version 2019.09.41
  • Bug Fix: Status and GUID fields fully supported in Filter Builder.
Version 2019.09.40
  • Improvement: DECM 3.4 Report, updated from 3.3.
  • Bug Fix: Screen maximization was shifted down.
Version 2019.09.38
  • Bug Fix: On a new install, Enterprise Grouped Matrix report was displaying only as a Scorecard report.
Version 2019.08.37
  • Bug Fix: Longest Path report setting to allow for showing more than one path was not working.
Version 2019.08.36
  • Improvement: Made it much easier to use scorecard output targets (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, Word, HTML).
  • Improvement: Significant design improvements to the Excel version of the scorecard.
  • Bug Fix: Increased the add-in provider timeouts to improve success on slower machines.
Version 2019.06.34
  • Bug Fix: Special case where an MPP saved with a custom report visible will fail on import.
  • Improvement: The Criteria Manager, which was its own window, is now embedded into the main window.
  • Improvement: DECM 3.3 Report, updated from 3.2.
Version 2019.06.33
  • Bug Fix: Filtering from an XER schedule's analysis output to Steelray Project Viewer was not always working.
  • Bug Fix: For an MPP schedule that resided on a shared network directory, Criteria 12 and 13 in the 14 Point Analysis was not working.
Version 2019.05.32
  • Improvement: Updated DECM 3.2 Report (formerly known as the DCMA EVAS report).
  • Improvement: Added the Status column to detail tables in the GAO Excel export report.
Version 2019.03.31
  • Improvement: Updated DCMA 14 Point Assessment to exclude inactive tasks.
  • Improvement: Notification added for Critical Path Length Index criterion (14 Point Assessment Report) when the project's status date is not set.
  • Bug Fix: GAO Excel export updated to exclude inactive tasks.
  • Improvement: Added Critical metric to several criterion on the Dynamic Schedule Compare report.
Version 2019.03.30
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where inactive tasks were not being properly handled in some criteria.
  • Improvement: Numerous aesthetic improvements to the Enterprise Grouped Matrix Report.
Version 2019.2.29
  • Bug Fix: Previously, when running the Hard Constraints report before any other reports resulting in output in the \AppData\Roaming\Steelray Software\Steelray Project Analyzer\Document Output\ directory, the results would fail to write.
  • New Feature: Project Server providers have been renamed to reflect which version of the provider should be used with corresponding versions of Project Server.
Version 2019.1.28
  • Bug Fix: Report Export feature was reporting "Error loading criteria file, export cannot continue" and not completing the export.
  • Bug Fix: New install of Analyzer will load a Scorecard report containing a few criteria.
Version 2019.1.27
  • Bug Fix: The installer was missing required elements for the MPXJ Project Management Platform. This driver is used if MS Project is not installed or if the installed MS Project version is 2010 or earlier.
Version 2019.1.26
  • Bug Fix: If a custom criterion used a Project Filter, and the "as a percentage of" checkbox on the Scoring tab was unchecked but pointed to a non-existent Project Filter, a report utilizing the criterion would fail.
  • Bug Fix: Steelray Add-In for Microsoft Project updated to allow for Project Filters with more than 36 rows.
  • New Feature: Unique image for XER schedules in the Projects listing.
Version 2018.12.25
  • Bug fix for Primavera P6 and XER schedule id's
Version 2018.12.24
  • Bug fix for SQLite Primavera P6 connections and filtering
Version 2018.11.23
  • Upgraded Primavera P6 driver
  • Added support for SQLite Primavera P6 connections
  • Additional support for newer versions of Project Server
Version 2018.10.22
  • SQL Server P6 configuration bug fix
  • SQL Server P6 results filtering bug fix
  • Documentation updates for new XER driver
  • General performance improvements
Version 2018.9.21
  • New XER driver for improved Primavera XER support.
    • Select from multiple schedules within an XER file.
    • Add XER schedules individually or as a project set.
    • XER names on Project Properties page reflect file location and schedule name.
    • XER schedules reference Activity ID as the Unique ID.
  • Negative float fix for XER schedules.
  • Critical Path test fix for Project Add-In provider.
  • Date handling fix for Project Add-In provider.
  • Criteria Manager bug fix and improvements.
Version 2018.6.20
  • Fixed bug that prevented Nextgen Project Integration driver from working with certain international versions of Windows.
  • Fixed bug where "Check for updates" was detecting an up-to-date version as out of date.
Version 2018.5.19

Note: Changed numbering of versions to reflect the year, month, and build number.

Major release! See the announcement for full details.

  • DoD DCMA EVAS Metrics. Includes support for all of the latest schedule metrics that DCMA is using on their EVAS schedule assessments.
  • DCMA 14-Point Enhancements. All 14 tests are executed without changing the source schedules, including schedules with master and subproject files. The custom report is renamed to "Configurable DCMA Assessment" in this version.
  • New Project Data Extractor for Microsoft Project: Steelray Project Add-In.
    • installs as a very lightweight add-In to Microsoft Project. 
    • Once installed, Steelray Project Analyzer connects to the add-in to grab the data it needs, in less time than ever before. 
    • Better error handling.
    • Support for future products.
  • Improved User Interface. Dozens of usability improvements.
  • Relocated settings from the report output to either the report's settings or the project's setting.
  • Enhanced projects sets, including adding a new type of project set that includes snapshots of the same schedule.
  • Enhanced Connection Diagnostics for Microsoft Project Server, Project Online, and Oracle Primavera P6.

Project Analyzer G6

  • Excel spreadsheet non-numeric cell patch
  • XER Duration patch
  • License framework patch
  • Fixed diagnostics error
  • Fixed DCMA 14 pt error
  • Fixed Project 2016/2010 read bug
  • Improved filtering on Project files
  • Fixed Project 2016 corruption bug
  • Added Experimental Project Driver
  • Fixed Project 2016 corruption bug
  • Fixed license error
  • Fixed UI useability issues for various reports
  • Enhanced Grouped Matrix usability
  • Fixed MS Project COM Exception
  • File subproject read fix
  • Filter builder enhancements
  • Global.mpt reader fix
  • P6 Schedule comparison bug fix
  • Manual task field read fix
  • Active field read fix
  • Project server project file read fix
  • Enhanced online support
  • Licensing framework update
  • Coach content visual improvement for high resolution monitors
  • MPM criteria fix
  • Criteria datetime parse fix
  • Project server project file read fix
  • Useability enhancements
  • Report export bug fixes/enhancements
  • Export functionality fix
  • Import functionality fix
  • Added report name to scorecard ppt export
  • Scorecard layout fix
  • Scorecard save button fix
  • Criteria Manager fix
  • Export functionality fix
  • Scorecard UI Enhancements
Version SPA
  • Report export bug fixes/enhancements
  • 14 pt BEI bug fix
  • Updated 14 point assessment renderer
  • Fixed task dependency predecessor bug
  • Updated activation UI
  • GAO Report Fix
Version SPA
  • 14 pt formatting fix
  • Schedule comparison engine enhancements
  • Fixed task dependency predecessor bug
Version SPA
  • Scorecard coach formatting fix
  • Enhanced Project 2016 support
  • Grouped Matrix enhancements
Version SPA
  • Scorecard enhancements
  • Added activation framework
  • 14 pt Assessment task table bug fix
  • Fixed score weighting inside Overall Scorecard
  • Fixed Project Online timeout bug
Version SPA
  • Fixed criteria manager/scorecard bug
  • Removed Enterprise Scorecard columns when not in-use
  • Added a "Critical" field to criteria that invalidates any given scorecard when failed
  • Added grouping option to Scorecard
  • Added ability to edit coach content for Steelray library criteria items
  • Added offsite server access
  • Updated digital signature
  • Enabled Excel export in Enterprise Scorecard
  • Reformatted CSV data in Enterprise scorecard
  • Appended name function within Excel Analyzer Scorecard
  • Fixed scorecard criteria grouping bug
  • Fixed Excel Analyzer Scorecard output
  • Added username to frame
  • Improved visibility of failure criteria
Version SPA
  • Added overall scoring and weights to Enterprise Scorecard
  • Fixed filtering issue within scorecards
  • Amended excel output names to include project file names
  • Added duplicate ability for reports
  • Added support for new subscription framework
  • Added username to frame

Project Analyzer G5

Version SPA
  • Fixed invalid date format bug
  • Enhanced XER file support for multiple schedule comparison
  • Fixed intermittent Excel Output bug
  • Fixed Primavera open cursors issue
Version SPA
  • Optimized Schedule Comparison Algorithm
  • Fixed Datetime error involved with license key check
  • Modified check for Project Platforms
  • Updated Primavera Settings within Database Connection window
  • Fixed Excel output bug
  • Removed obsolete quick filters option
Version SPA
  • Corrected Report Gallery view bug.
  • Fixed finish to start calculation.
  • Modified Status Date check within 14pt assessment.
  • Modified Hard Constraints Report to match 14pt.
  • Corrected indicator on the BEI field within the 14pt assessment.
  • Fixed Report Set list page.
Version SPA
  • Added Schedule Comparison Chart.
  • Fixed exception in 14pt assessment that exhibited in some .mpp files.
  • Fixed exception in 14pt assessment that exhibited in some primavera files.
  • Fixed null exception with legacy Excel Analyzer Scorecards.
  • Fixed ability to add existing report to Report Set.
  • Fixed Hard Constraints Scorecard.
Version SPA
  • Fixed task flag exception when reading .xer files.
  • Fixed null exception within Tree Map Chart.
Version SPA
  • Multiple fixes for support of Microsoft Project 2013 files.
  • Multiple fixes for support of Primavera files.
  • Fixed bug regarding custom fields within MPP files that previously resulted in an error during analysis.
  • Fixed minor visibility issue for scorecard settings.
Version SPA 5.0
  • Added Milestones Indices Report.
  • Added Grouped Matrix Report.
  • Added Grouped Bar Chart.
  • Added Treemap Chart.
  • Support for Primavera .XER files.