For Potential Resellers

We welcome new resellers for our products. If you are interested in becoming a reseller for Steelray Software, please send us the following information:

All emails that should be included on future purchase order. Please separate with ";" between email addresses.

Once this information is received, we will set you up as a reseller in our system and you will receive a separate confirmation order that includes your reseller account id number. This number should be included on all future purchase orders to ensure you receive your reseller discount.

For Existing Resellers

For more information on pricing, please see the ordering page for our products:


Contact us here or call +1 (404) 806-0160, ext. 1.

We can provide a formal quote for you if you can provide the customer or end-user name so that the appropriate representative can contact you. Our sales representatives are divided according to industry and not region; therefore, the industry information will only be used to route your inquiry to the appropriate account representative. Resellers represent a vital part of our sales, and we would never jeopardize our relationship by cutting out the reseller in an order.