Improve Your Schedule

Perform a Schedule Health Analysis

Is your schedule reliable? Steelray Analyzer for P6 (AP6) is a software application that performs a schedule health and performance analysis in seconds on two or more updates of the same Primavera P6 schedule. We are currently developing and testing the software via our Early Access Program. You may request access to the program via the form on this page.

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Make Better Decisions
Industry-Standard Checks from DCMA and Steelray

In order to better manage projects, we seek better decisions and course corrections. To make that happen, we need a realistic and reliable schedule, meaning one that better reflects reality and better forecasts the future. AP6 offers a library of industry standard checks from DCMA and Steelray to help you improve your schedule's health.

Built-In Schedule Quality Encyclopedia
Better Schedulers Make Better Schedules

We've been in the schedule health business since 2007, and in that time we've learned that the key to better schedules is better schedulers. To help with that goal, AP6 offers the Coach™, an encyclopedia of scheduling and schedule quality. It's not enough to point out areas that need attention; the Coach™ explains the purpose of each check and provides next steps to investigate the issue.

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Features Image
Powerful and Easy to Use
Short Learning Curve, Fast Time-to-Insight
  • Easy-to-read health dashboard
  • Editable thresholds
  • Sparklines show scores over time
  • Detailed reporting in Microsoft Excel