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DECM Report

Launch the Tool

To begin, launch Steelray Project Analyzer, click on the DECM Report in the Report Gallery and select Add Report.


Name the report whatever you'd like.  To begin the assessment, select a project from the Projects heading and select the newly created DECM report from the Reports heading.


Metrics 06A504a (Modified Actual Starts) and 06A504b (Modified Actual Finishes) require snapshots of a given project, arranged in a project set, in order to run. To identify a project set as a series of snapshots, you'll need to click on the given Project Set and select the option "All files are snapshots of the same schedule" before running the report.


  Finally, once the desired settings are applied, click the Analyze button to begin the analysis.


Identifying LOE Tasks

Since Microsoft Project does not explicitly define what a Level-Of-Effort task is, Project Analyzer provides a number of way to specify an LOE task within Project Settings. The default option is not to identify LOE tasks. If these are not specified, all tasks are included in the assessment. LOE can be identified in a custom flag field or a custom text field. In a custom flag field, a value of “yes” indicates that this is an LOE task. If it is a custom text field, you must specify what constitutes an LOE task. In this example, Text6 will contain the text "LOE". Finally, LOE can be a filter. SPA will execute this filter to identify LOE tasks.

Report Analysis

Tasks Affected

If task detail tables were enabled in your report settings, task results will be displayed beneath the description for a given criteria. For quick reference, the task name and UID are typically included plus any fields that are relevant to the calculation.

Project Filter

If the assessment was run from Microsoft Project or Project Server, Project Analyzer provides the capability to filter the matching tasks within Microsoft Project so that you may quickly identify possible offenders. If the file is a P6 Xer file, and Steelray Project Viewer is installed, then the given project will be opened and filtered into Viewer.

Copying/Printing the Output

Finally, you have the ability to copy and print the output for use outside of Project Analyzer. The copy results to clipboard function will copy the entire report to the clipboard. The preferred destination for pasting the report is in Microsoft Word. This way the formatting is preserved as much as possible and sections of the report can be omitted or tailored to your organization’s preference.